Cheerleading is one of the the fastest growing sports in the world and was recently announced as a provisional sport in the upcoming Olympics! It distinguishes itself from traditional stereotypes because of the skill and athleticism required to be successful. Teams focus on gymnastics, acrobatics, athletic dance and stunts – a true hybrid sport – cheerleading develops an athletes’ strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. There’s a team for everyone! No experience? No problem! With competitive and recreational teams for cheerleaders ages 3-18 years old, beginners to advanced, Heart of Texas has a team for you!

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All Star Elite

Our competitive All Star Elite program offers teams for athletes 5 to 18 years old of all ability levels from the beginner to the elite. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of cheerleaders at all ages and ability levels. Our focus when forming teams will be to place highly competitive teams on the mat where the hard work of the athletes is rewarded throughout the season.

Ages: 5-18


All Star Prep

HOT All Star Prep offers an opportunity to experience the excitement of Elite without the time commitment, financial obligation and rigorous training schedule, while emphasizing fun, skill acquisition and teamwork. Hot All Star Prep is the perfect stepping stone for athletes into HOT’s All Star competitive program, preparation for school cheer or for an athlete that loves cheerleading and doesn’t have the time to commit to a full season.

All Star Novice

The novice athletes are the ones who are ready to start performing and showing off to a crowd! The program continues to build a love for All Star, while focusing on skill-building and growth in a low-pressure, evaluation-only environment. Teams will attend cheer competitions and be evaluated on a rating system only and not scored against other teams.

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All Star Tiny Novice

Our Tiny Prep is made up of 3-5 year olds that are beginning cheerleaders that perform at competitions rather than compete. They wear a complete uniform just like the competitive teams and are absolutely precious when they perform. The coaches focus on teaching the athletes basic motor skills as well as cheerleading jumps, motions, and dance along with beginning tumbling and stunting skills. They work on learning how to focus and pay attention for an hour as well as how to take direction and function in a controlled environment. In addition, they will learn a choreographed two and one half minute cheer routine that they will perform at competitions. It’s AMAZING how much these athletes grow from the beginning of the season. Most importantly, THEY HAVE FUN!

Ages: 3-5

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