From 3 years and up, beginner to advanced, we have a class for everyone. Our tumbling classes provide a fun and safe environment to learn new skills while promoting fitness, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Each class is leveled to allow for safe progression through all fundamental tumbling and gymnastics skills such as rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, tucks, layouts and up to fulls.

Tumbling Programs For Every Skill Level

Preschool Tumbling

Introducing our exciting Preschool Tumbling Program, where little ones embark on a fun-filled journey of movement, exploration, and physical development! Designed specifically for children aged 3 to 5, our program offers a safe and stimulating environment for them to enhance their coordination, balance, and motor skills.

Intro to Tumbling / Level 1 / Level 1+

So you are just getting started?! This class is designed to teach all the fundamentals and help build a strong foundation in tumbling. Basic coordination, strength, flexibility and body mechanics will be taught in a fun way here! (Good for athletes wanting to be Level 1)

Level 2 / Level 2+

You’ve mastered beginner class and are ready to move forward! This class is geared towards using that foundation you’ve built and building off skills you have already gotten. A major change will be working on explosive power and understanding the concept of rebounding, which is required for the skills worked on in this class in running tumbling. (Good for athletes wanting to be Level 2)

Level 3 / Level 3+

This class takes your mastery of intermediate and we go BIG! This class is the biggest jump you will take from one class to another. Your understanding of explosive power and rebounding will help with skills done off the floor, the strength you’ve built up will help with beginning to learn some of the more difficult skills we do in cheer in running and standing. (Good for athletes wanting to be Level 3-4)

Level 4 / Level 4+ / Level 5

A mastery of all beginner, intermediate and advanced skills has lead you here, where the skill ceiling is at its highest. You will learn the hardest skills legally able to be done in all-star cheer. A mastery of this class will mean you have the skill set to be eligible for any leveled team in all-star as well as ready for collegiate cheer. (Good for athletes wanting to be Level 5-6)

Boys Only Tumbling

Boys love to flip, swing, jump and run. We have created a unique class for boys that they LOVE! This class is a combination of Tumbling, Parkour, and Ninja. Athletes will learn:
– Dive Rolls
– Walking on their hands
– Back Tucks, Wall Flips, and much more!