Wiggle Worms


Join us for an 8-week session where we’ll work on building independence for preschool and daycare aged children.

These are lifelong skills (before preschool) children are learning all while getting tired and sometimes even a little sweaty! Don’t worry, parents! You will be able to watch from our lobby.

Ages: 18 mos – 3 yrs
Dates: Feb. 2 – Mar. 30
Times: Thursdays from 9:30 am to 10 am

This is an independent class where children will learn skills like:

Taking directions from another adult – a skill needed when preschool begins

Interacting socially with other children their age – especially good for children who stay at home during the day with mom

Good listening skills and have fun at the same time – we begin to see a child’s personality develop a lot during this time of life

Body motions to a song while teaching the children important things like numbers, colors and shapes