Heart of Texas is a year-round competitive cheerleading and dance organization serving the Waco and Central Texas area. We have just entered our 21st season and is the "Waco and Central Texas' Best" All-star cheer and dance program.

Heart of Texas provides cheerleading and dance in a family-friendly atmosphere. We take pride in our name and tradition, with an extraorinary staff who have helped cultivate an attitude of excellence within our facility. At H.O.T., we don't just train our athletes to be strong cheerleaders and dancers, we encourage them to be strong leaders for their school and communities. Our mission is to create a structured environment where dedication and determination are embodied in the spirit of a winning team. We are devoted to the improvement of every team's performance as well as every athlete's individual skill through positive reinforcement, exceptional feedback and a high degree of training.

This unique team sport combines gymnastics, dance, acro and power tumbling into a fast-paced performance. Our All-Star Cheerleading and Dance program offers  All-Star competitive all-girl and co-ed teams, non-competitive cheer and dance classes, Prep teams and even Half-Year Teams. So no matter your child's athletic abilities or skill level, we have a team and class suitable for them!

H.O.T.'s inception is fundamentally based on having fun learning and performing cheerleading in a positive surrounding. While the kids are having fun, they are receiving lessons that will last a lifetime: teamwork, physical fitness, perseverance, self-esteem and confidence.

Come Be a Part, of Heart: Where winners, on and off the mat, are made!



Cindy Herbst
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