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Coed Stunt Classes

HOT's CO-ED STUNT CLASSES are AWESOME!!! This class is structured for up to 4 individuals with TWO qualified HOT instructors! In this 1 hour class each participant will master the specific skills listed below! There is a formal evaluation required to sign up for this class however all ages are welcome! All participants must have a STRONG WILLINGNESS TO GET THROWN HIGH IN THE AIR! to attend.

* Warm-Up of all the basics in Co-Ed stunting! Proper Flexibility and Stretching Exercises, Proper Body Positions for the Liberty, Scorpion, Scale, Heel Stretch, Front Stretch, Bow-&-Arrow, & Arabesque! All creative load-ins & dismounts reviewed and taught! Great preparation for College Cheerleading!

Flight Crew

This class is for any and all flyers!  The class will focus on overall flexibility, performance and showmanship of Top Girls! "Point Flyeer Presentation and Gusto!"

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Cindy Herbst
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